PROJECT -V003 / Craigflower Multi- Unit Residential Developement / 98 Condominium Units

Craigflower is developed as a solution to modestly priced rental housing. Great care has been taken to maximize the quality and security of these buildings. Their location within 2 blocks of the Gorge waterway is absolutely prime in Victoria. The design vision of clean lines expressed through high quality construction is supported by features such as:

quiet solid sound-proofed units made possible by advanced party wall construction and layers of 1 1/2" gypcreete poured on every floor.

- advanced state of the art seismic protection which binds each floor of the building into a structurally solid unit.

- state of the art envelope engineering to ensure lifetime waterproofing and optimal inter-wall ventilation to protect the building materials and ensure they acheive their performance and sustainability benchmarks.

Design Life.

PROJECT - N002 / Cottle Residential Developement / 16 Townhomes / 8 Single Family Dwellings

The Cottle development in Nanaimo is a concept to delivery project from modev. The land, situated on the edge of a prime building parcel with stunning views across the Georgia Stright, was selected based upon it's amazing character which was a perfect canvas for modev's approach to building residential communities.

This development will blend the unique feel of pristine building sites within an optimally planned group of townhomes and single family dwellings which allow both privacy and community engagement within each resident's effortless control.

Design Life.